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We represent and advise issuers – businesses and project owners – who are seeking to raise private finance from institutional investors. We are very selective in accepting assignments, and at any one time we work for a strictly limited number of clients. Ours is a partner-led business, and our clients typically interact with one or more of our partners on a daily basis.  


We work closely and often intensively with our clients to make their projects ready to take to market. As well as preparing documents and marketing materials within regulatory guidelines, we review and advise on matters such as the proposed capital structure, the adequacy of feasibility studies and risk assessments, and the suitability of regulatory, offtake and EPC arrangements.


We manage and drive the process of finding investment. We identify and agree a long list of suitable sources of investment, with most of whom we will have interacted on previous transactions. We subsequently manage our clients’ interaction with them, guide our clients through the investment process and support them in obtaining the best possible terms for investment. 


Generally we find that more work is needed than clients expect. It is very rare for a fund-raising exercise to take much less than six months, and we have had instances where it has taken more than eighteen months of hard work alongside our client to improve the business proposition sufficiently to make it financeable, and then to obtain funding. The bulk of our remuneration is charged on success, but we invariably charge either a retainer or a set of milestone fees.

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